Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai – Review

by Hira Sangi

Yahan Pyaar Nahi Hai’; a story of a perfect bahu who struggles to become an equally good wife but despite all her efforts, she fails to keep her husband happy. Fast forward Haleema’s efforts to serve the whole family parathas and khana and just when she thinks that her husband (Saim) is out from the clutches of Zunaira (a colleague in whom he had been taking an interest), her own cousin has arrived to shamelessly throw herself at Saim. The story has moved at a very fast pace and with everything churning under Haleema’s nose, she remains oblivious, still serving soup to the drama queen that her cousin (Shumaila) is. Within days of her arrival, Shumaila runs off hand in hand with Saim to a ‘doctors conference’ making plans how to remove poor, unsuspecting Haleema from the picture.
Despite slow developments in the drama, ‘Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai’ has been an interesting one right from the start. The characters are sketched out and portrayed beautifully, the topic is something many people can relate with; after all, we have all heard stories and rumors about cheating husbands and how perfect their wives were. The story seems to progress in fits and starts failing to maintain a steady pace. However, last week’s episode was interesting because Shumaila and Saim finally went off for their nikah. Perhaps now is the time for Haleema to grow a spine and stand up to how people around her have been treating her.

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