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‘Emaan’ Episode 16 – Review


by Sahar Habib Aazi returns home from the senior citizens’ home angry, panicked and paranoid, after learning Emaan left with Abba and his friend Pasha, threatening to burn the house down if he doesn’t find her. So, I don’t understand: are Aazi’s father and Emaan just going to live with this Pasha guy from now on, flying kites and playing ...

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Emaan’ Episode 10 Review


By Sahar Habib Maulvi escorts Sumbal back to her parents’ house after she learns of her father’s death. However, her brother says she must leave. She is as good as dead to them. Aazi is still trying to convince Emaan that they should go to America. He did a lot of questionable things in the run up to his wedding ...

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Annie Ki Aayegi Baraat


By Kiran Akhter Finally, Annie ke aa gaie baraat aur Annie rukhsat ho gaie. Like most people, I have been following the Baraat series from season 1 and every season had it’s ups and downs and so did this one. It started off with Saima Ch trying desperately to marry Vicky off with Annie and in the middle of all ...

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Emaan Episode 9 & 10 Review


By Sahar Habib Aazi’s father’s blatant favouritism for Kathy is getting annoying. During a shopping trip, Kathy keeps asking his opinion on clothes and jewelry like he’s the ultimate authority on women’s fashion and everyone at home is quite surprised at his interest in the matter. Later, Abba makes a stop at the mosque to pray, but news of a ...

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Emaan – Episode 7 and 8 Review


Review By Sahar Habib Aazi and Kathy’s nuptials seem doomed as Aazi has no money for the wedding and Aazi’s brother-in-law won’t give his sister Sakina permission to attend. Sajid’s wife Naheed goes about trying to trick Kathy by fooling her that in Pakistan, the bride has to pay for everything: outfit, jewellry, valima, etc. The innocent and gullible Kathy ...

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‘Emaan’ Review of Episode 4, 5, 6


Review by Shar Habib Kathy and Aazi are at a crossroads. Aazi and his family were under the impression that Kathy would convert to Islam soon after her arrival in Pakistan, before marrying Aazi. But she says she needs time before she can make such a huge decision. Can’t a Muslim man and a Christian woman be married? They can, ...

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