My Take on Sanjha’s 21st Episode (5-April, 2012)


By Fatima Manzoor Ellahi

This show definitely has the spark and I would still say this hasn’t been promoted properly that’s why it didn’t get the attention it deserved.

Missed last 3 but successfully caught the 21st episode, as always the show had something to entertain and that something was none other than Nauman Ejaz. Wow!  what a remarkable actor we have in our industry. I have said this numerous times and I won’t fail to reiterate. Nauman Ejaz solely wholly made this show worth watching by delivering power packed performance.

Special mention to the way seth is carrying himself. There is some sort of delicacy has been shown in his style and that signifies how tender heart he is having in seth’s attire.
The way he carries his shawl and keeps moving its corner between his fingers it looks strange yet inspiring. Where world gets scared with this gigantic bureaucrat, Sanjha speaks her heart every time in front of him without getting effected by seth’s status. That is the reason every time seth falling for him even more.

Samira’s story always witnessed one flaw and I have always pointed out her weakness of losing track in the middle of the play. One would feel to have filler episodes. Am yet to find the answer if it’s required by production house or channel.

Scene between Nauman Ejaz and Ayesha Alam was good. Completely blown away by this performer, he looked angry, he looked happy, he was surprised, he was amazed, in short who ever shared the screen space with him he managed to make them impressive.

So weeda started moving on in his life but the important question is, does he still love Sanjha or it’s just a guilt which is not letting him forget her. Another query is yet to be resolved if Sanjha loves to hate weeda or hates to love him. Hopefully the answers would take us to the conclusion who will be Sanjha’s man at the end. Is it gonna be seth? Dr Ammar or weeda who done most of the damage to her.

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