My Take on 3rd episode of Mera Saaien 2

Written by Fatima Manzoor Ellahi

Story so far:

Till now we have seen Shazmeen grabbing Malik’s position and power. She is being exploited and cheated since she is not experienced in the field of politics.

Politics is an art of controlling your environment and Shazmeen fails to do so.

As Winston Churchill said “Politics is not a game, It is an earnest business” and Shazmeen is not fully prepared to figure out what is actually happening around her. She can’t even gauge the games Iftikhar is playing.

This is how political game goes. In war, you can only be killed once, but in politics, many times. She is getting cheated by Iftikhar again and again yet she trusts him blindly.

We have seen Iftikhar winning Shazmeen’s trust although he was the one who planned her murder, though that was a mere threat but effectively conducted threat that resulted in Iftikhar’s success in winning shahzmeen’s trust. Since he convinced her that it was planned by Naina and Malik Yawer. He convinced Shazmeen to discuss her every move with him before doing anything. He made sure Shazmeen would stay away from Yawer and Naina.

On the other hand Naina is being treated in same way by Yawer. Mailk Yawer is using Naina for his dirty politics but the only difference between these 2 ladies is, Naina would come out of this quicksand safely whereas Shazmeen would get stuck in this even more.

A politician is a person who can make waves and then make you think he’s the only one who can save the ship, in the same way Iftikhar has made Shazmeen believe that he is THE only savior available. He is the one who has planned both attacks on Shazmeen but Shazmeen believes all this is done by Naina and Yawer. Unfortunately Shazmeen lost her daughter in 2nd attack and that not only parted Naina and Shazmeen’s ways but made them rivals.

Critical Analysis:

Sunita Marshall is doing fantastic job as Shazmeen. The way she is carrying Shazmeen’s character is just beyond expectations. I have seen her in past but after seeing her in Mera Saaien 2, I can count her inPakistantelevision’s finest actresses.

Another person who has left me speechless is Shahood Alvi, the guy is there with all his creepiness with all his dirty tricks yet his flair is worth watching. He has been shown as a composed, shrewd and smart politician, one who considers politician as an acrobat; who keeps his balance by doing the opposite of what he says. You would find him saying something, but doing something else. For him Politics is a war without bloodshed whereas war is politics with bloodshed.

Aamina Sheikh’s character still needs to be worked out. At the moment she hasn’t done something extra ordinary. So let’s wait and watch what she is having in store for her fans.

Waseem Abbas looks great in Mailk Yawer’s character. His expressions, his dialogues and the way he flaunts his typical jagirdaar style, it looks just PERFECT on him.

If we talk about on the whole I would say so far so good. Right now the story is moving in good direction with good pace and actors doing superb job. I am now eagerly waiting for Fahad’s entry.

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