Lux Style Awards: Fashion Nominees 2012

Model of the Year (female)

Model Amna Ilyas

Nominees are Amna Ilyas, Ayyan Ali, Cybil Chaudhry, Mehreen Syed and Rabia Butt. Our pick is the dusky Amna Ilyas who knows how to strike a pose for the camera, and can strut her stuff like none other on the runway. According to writer and critic Mohsin Sayeed, “There is tough competition between Amna Ilyas and Rabia Butt since they have done really well overall this year. Cybil is good too, but why Ayyan? Her walk is not good at all!”

Model of the year (Male)

Model Abbas Jafri

Nominees are Abbas Jafri, Kashif Deewan, Waleed Khalid and Iffi Zafar. Despite Zafar having won twice in a row, our pick is Abbas Jafri, who has now been in the industry for three years and has managed to escape the “unforgettable” label most male models are dumped under. A little bird tells us that the reason Khawar Riaz’s models didn’t make it to the nominations is because he forbade them from submitting their portfolios after none of them were given awards in the previous sessions – spoilsport much? While we managed to pick a favourite, Mohsin Sayeed insisted that the nominees were all terrible. “Male models come and go. Iffi Zafar and Abbas Jafri are not good looking. They have to have a complete personality. Waleed Khalid is just beef cake.

Best High Street Brand

Shamon of Khaadi

Nominees are Daaman, FnkAsia, Generation, Khaadi and Sheep. While it’s difficult to predict who will steal the title, Khaadi and FnkAsia are our picks for the winner. Mohsin Sayeed says, “Daaman is a mature brand with innovative and elegant designs. Khaadi is good and very popular but FnkAsia is more for young kids,” adding that Sheep should “just be left for grazing!”

Best emerging Talent in Fashion

Designer Zaheer Abbas

Nominees are Akif Mehmood, Mohsin Ali , Zaheer Abbas, Azeem Sani, Maha Burney and Nadir-Feroz Khan. It’s hard to predict a winner but we love Maha Burney’s style sense. Sayeed says, “Mohsin Ali needs to work hard. Nadir and Maha do some captivating photography. Zaheer Abbas understands fashion, plays with the fabric and reaches for an orgasm – sexy and natural!”

Achievement in Fashion Design – Lawn

Designers Sana and Safinaz

Nominees are Sana Safinaz, Umar Sayeed, Wardah Saleem, Deepak Perwani and Khaadi lawn. Our pick is Sana Safinaz, the undisputed lawn queen. They have set themselves apart from the others in the category by a mile. Sayeed says, “Wardah Saleem is good but needs stronger branding to be noticed. Sana Safinaz and Umar Sayeed understand what lawn is, so that’s fierce competition. The rest are lukewarm lawn designers.”

Best Fashion Photograhpers

Photographer Fayyaz Ahmed

Nominees this year include Akif Ilyas, Ayaz Anis, Fayyaz Ahmed, Guddu Shani and Rizwanul Haq. Our prediction is Fayyaz Ahmed but Shani and Haq are excellent contenders too. Sayeed says, “Akif Ilyas is a better stylist than a photographer and Fayyaz Ahmed has good composition. Guddu Shani is too photshopped but Rizwanul Haq has very good light and change.” He adds “The competition is only between Fayyaz Ahmed and Rizwanul Haq for they are complete professionals and either winning would be good.”

Achievement in Fashion Design – Luxury Pret

Designer Khadija Shah

Nominees are Adnan Pardesy, Ali Xeeshan, Khadija Shah (Elan), Sania Maskatiya and Shehla Chatoor. While Shehla Chatoor is a good contender, Elan’s Khadija Shah is our prediction – she can add swagger to anyone’s look! Sayeed says, “Adnan Pardesy is a good designer who understands designs – I was bowled over by his muslin collection. I’d go for him.”

Achievement in Fashion design – Pret

Designer Iman Ahmad

Nominees are Sania Maskatiya, Iman Ahmad (Body Focus), Kamiar Rokni, Khaadi Khaas and Sanam Chaudhry. While Sania Maskatya is doing well comericially, our pick is Iman Ahmad of Body Focus because no one can beat her cuts. Sayeed says, “Kamiar Rokni is very good and is hugely popular with interesting designs. Khaadi Khaas looks like a high-class version of a Pakistani film – really bad! What has Sanam Chaudhry done?”

Menswear Designer

Designer Omar Farooq

Nominees are Fahad Hussayn. Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY), Ismail Farid, Jazib Qamar and Omar Farooq @Republic. Our vote goes to Omar Farooq (Republic) for his sheer sense of design and creativity. Mohsin Sayeed agrees and says, “Omar has that funk and likes to experiment.”

For Hussayn, Sayeed feels he is not a good contender. “He should have been considered for another category. He is brilliant at what he does and is good as far as women designs are concerned.”

While he adds that that Farid is a good designer, he is bewildered as to why HSY is in the menswear category.

Best Hair and Makeup Artist

Stylist Nabila

Nominees are the creative team at Nabila’s, Maram Azmat, Raana Khan, Shammal Quraishi (Toni & Guy) and of course Akif Ilyas again. Our pick is Nabila (she’s the queen guys!) but Sayeed says, “Akif Ilyas for sure has done some good work. The creative team at Nabila is a regular! Why is it that she is the only one to win this award? I want to scientifically challenge it!” He adds, “Shammal Quraishi has to go a long way, but is good. The competition is between Akif Ilyas, Raana Khan and Shammal Quraishi.”

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